A Roving We Will Go (3:25)
Billy Broke Locks (2:42)
Whiskey In The Jar (3:03)
Johnny Jump Up (4:29)
All For Me Grog (4:03)
Star Of The County Down (3:02)
Thousands Are Sailing (6:03)
A Brief Encounter With History (1:50)
A Drop Of Nelson’s Blood (3:38)
Wild Rover (3:27)
Jack Hall (4:01)
Meri Mac (3:18)
Rake And Ramblin’ Boy (4:47)
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor (4:24)
Ramblin’ Rover (2:17)


All  songs are traditional except,
Ramblin' Rover by Andy M. Stewart

A Roving We Will Go by Steve Keefer

A Roving We Will Go...

The Ramblin' Rovers

Whiskey, Rogues & Women

Gypsy Laddie (4:11)
Hills of Connemara (2:54)
To The Begging I Will Go (3:20)
Crooked Jack (5:11)
Donkey Riding (2:43)
The Night Paddy Murphy Died (3:45)
Dreadful Wind and Rain (5:59)
The Scotsman (2:05)
Johnny Be Fai/Minstrel's Shake (5:00)
Black is the Color (4:09)
Rowdy Soul (3:10)
Riley's Daughter (3:03)
As I Roved Out (5:03)
The Widow and the Devil (5:53).

All songs are traditional except,
The Scotsman by Mike Cross
Widow and the Devil by Mike Ryan
Minstrel Shake by W. Clarke McAllister and Steve Keefer