The Ramblin' Rovers

Founding member Steve Keefer, the “original” Rover, has been playing folk music since 1985. Steve provides the rhythm and drive for the band on guitar and bouzouki as well as vocals. Bruce Ruppert shares vocal duties and plays mandolin and tin whistle with a flair developed over time playing a variety of musical styles. Lee “Spanky” Adams attacks the washtub “gut bucket” bass with a ferocity that simply defies description. One must see it to believe it! Rounding out the Ramblin’ Rovers sound are Trent “Woody” Hornbacher and Thomas “Owl” Norton-Smith. Trent throws in a bevy of nuanced runs, fills and harmonies into the musical brew on fiddle and harmonica while the “Owl” scrapes out a steady percussive groove on his “magic” gourds and bodhran. The Ramblin” Rovers enjoy bringing grass-roots music to the public through folk festivals, living history events and local pubs promoting and preserving our musical heritage and having way too much fun doing it! The band's unique spirited renditions, high energy, and talent to deliver make them a must see. CDs are available at $15 plus shipping.