The Ramblin' Rovers

Aaron's Tavern (5:20)

Bottom of the Barrel (6:05)

Get Your Lock Ready (5:54)

Bradley Wants Some More (3:32)

Apple Pied (5:48)

Only A Minstrel (3:48)

Really Didn't Know: Rich's song (4:31)

Peanut Butter (4:47)

Critterhead (3:19)

Tough Trip Through Paradise (3:53)

The Port-A-Let Blues (4:57)

Wanderin' John (5:26)

Only A Minstrel


     Steve Keefer - Guitar, Mandolin, Bohran, Spoons, Shaker, Vocals

     John "Willy" Williams - Lead Guitar, Harmonica

     Trent "Woody" Hornbacher - Fiddle, Banjo

     Lee "Spanky" Adams - Gutbucket Bass

     Rover Wenches (Kari, Mary Beth and Melissa) Background Vocals


All songs written by Steve Keefer except Bradley Wants Some More byBrad and Steve Keefer