The Ramblin' Rovers

Next EVeNt - Oak Ridge Festival, Attica, OH - Oct. 15 - 16

You gotta stay true to your roots. I'm layin' it down live in my hometown on Feb. 22!


"Songs from the Heart" just hit retail and online stores all across this great land. Y'all diggin' it?

The Ramblin’ Rovers, based out of Sidney, Ohio, are a group of highly diverse musicians performing a wide range of acoustic folk music. They bring to the stage the joy and intimacy of the “campfire” experience immediately extending the circle to include the audience in their musical journey. Their repertoire stretches from the medieval to the contemporary exploring many genres of music including Celtic, Traditional, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, as well as some Pop. Although they do not declare themselves a Celtic band, the Ramblin’ Rovers enjoy performing the ballads, sea chanteys, and sing-a-longs of England, Scotland, and Ireland. As avid living history enthusiasts, the band has focused on this Anglo-Scots-Irish synthesis for it is the very cornerstone of our American folk heritage. The Ramblin’ Rovers diligently strive to capture the essential informality of the acoustic experience thus retaining the very heart of folk music, uncomplicated, unsophisticated, and unrepentant.